week 07

Including Sound within your Director Project

Three main types of audio:

  • Voice Over (VO)
  • (Theme) Music
  • Special Effects

Used to enhance the multimedia experience

Three things contribute to the size of an audio file.  These can me
modified to reduce the size of the file, if necessary.

  • Sample Rate- measured in Hertz, it is how often does the computer get a
    "snapshot" of the audio
  • Sample (bit) Depth – 8 or 16 bits.  How many variations of loudness
    can exist within the audio file
  • Channels – Typically 1 (mono) or 2(stereo – Left and Right which can be
    independent of each other)

Including Video within your Director Project

Size of video depends on resolution on the screen (how big is it on the
screen), playback rate and compression used.

Frame rate is important also

Compressor/Decompressor CODECs



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