week 03

Week 3

Understanding the Timeline

Empty/Blank key frame – (F7) – nothing on the stage for that layer

Key frame – (F6) – Artwork on stage – copies previous key frame for that

Frame – (F5) – Creation of an actual frame.  Extends from previous
frame over time.

Onion Skinning – What is it? (Ability to see ghosted images of previous and
future frames while editing…)

Copy and Paste frames (reversing as well)

Jitter / Nervous step-by-step animation

Working with ‘Tweens

Motion Tween

  • What it Can Do
    • Change Shape of an object
    • Change Color of Object
    • Change Position
    • Work with Broken Text
    • Modify Gradients
  • What it Can’t Do
    • Symbols
    • Grouped Objects
    • Non-Broken Text Objects

Shape Hinting

Creating a "Pulse"/"Ripple" effect

Work on Project #2 – Banner Ad


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