sales commission


Concepts C


Final Program Project

Directions: We need to write a program to calculate the
commission that a group of sales people is to receive. 
We need to calculate their commissions individually. 
Write a Flow Chart, Pseduo-Code, or an IPO chart before starting with the
coding aspect.  Get this signed off
by me before you start to write the actual code for your project.

Commissions will be higher if they sold over $3,000 worth
of merchandise/ services than if they sold under that amount. 
Your program should ask the user for the different commission rates.

You should create a loop that asks for each person’s
name and the amount that they sold over the given period of time.  Then it should calculate the amount of commission and display
the commission with the sales person’s name in a user-friendly manner.
When the user enters "none" – Then the program should end.

The last step should be to determine if the user would
like to continue with the program and calculate another sales person’s

sure to use proper error checking with all input from the user.

Pseudo-code, Flowchart, or IPO chart of the problem before starting to code. (5

Declared necessary variables. (3 points)

Retrieve info from the user for each sales person. (5 points)

Calculate the commission correctly. (5 points)

Display the sales person’s commission with their name in a user-friendly
manner. (4 points)

Allow the user to perform the commission calculation as many times as they want.
(8 points)

Use functions when possible (5 points)

Error check the user input (5 points)


________ out of 45 points