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DOS Project #3 – Week 8

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of class Project:  Introduction to

In Week 8 we discussed how DOS managed files for
configuring the system. (AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS). 
We also mentioned how Windows 9x/NT uses the registry.

You are to find information from at least three separate
sources that relate to the Windows Registry. 
Tell in brief what it does, and how to make changes to it. 
When looking at editing a registry, you need to try to find information
on both the built-in registry editor and a third party registry editor.

You must use at least three distinct resources to gather
your information.  Find enough
information that will allow you to speak in front of the class for at least four
(4) minutes on the subject, but not more than ten (10) minutes. 
Any extra information, which you can provide, that will be helpful to the
overall understanding of the registry should be explored as well.

You may use a notes, slides, diagrams, etc. when you
speak.  If you need any special
considerations/equipment, please give the instructor forty-eight (48) hours
notice so he can requisition the materials needed, if they are available.

When you are to speak before the class, please turn in
this sheet, as well as a sheet that list your resources you used to research
this project.

 Grading Criteria:

 ________ Prepared for presentation. (10) 

________ Three (minimum) (3) resources listed (10) 

________ Spoke for more than four (4) minutes (5) 

________ Spoke for less than ten (10) minutes (5) 

________ Spoke on topic (15)  

________ Total (out of 45 points)



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