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Visual Basic – Class Notes – Week 05

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Class notes: Visual Basic

Week: 5

Chapter 4 – General Procedures

Procedures are used to break code into manageable chunks – pg. 142

To invoke a procedure, use the method: Call ProcedureName

To create a procedure – Alt/T/P or select Tools->add Procedure from the
menu bar

You can "pass" variables to procedures – pg. 144

Variables received by  a procedure are called parameters

Variables and expressions passed by a calling procedure to another procedure
are called arguments

 By using the call statement, one can pass values back to the calling
procedure – pg. 163

One can pass by value – pg. 165, 166 – which means that the value changed can
not be passed back to the calling function

Local variables – where variables are visible, is only within the procedure
which they are created (as we are concerned for them for now) – pg. 166

Form Level Variables – pg. 167

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