Notes 02

Exchange Server uses snap-ins for the Microsoft Management Console — MMC –
pg. 381

You can write your own snap-ins if you have need and desire

When you install Exchange Server, the Active Directory Users and Computers
snap-in is extended to support Exchange Mailboxes – pg. 383

You can use either the Computer Management snap-in or the Performance utility
to monitor the state of your computer system – pg. 385

With Exchange Server comes a special Backup and Restore utility which allows
you to save and restore the data from the Information Store without shutting
down access to the server – pg. 386

Just because an Exchange Server is using close to 100% of the CPU does not
mean that its hung, it can be performing some CPU intensive task, like
distribution to a large Distribution List – pg. 387 (note)

Remote administration MUST be from a Windows 2000 machine – pg. 395

Not recommended to run Management Tools and Outlook 2000 on the same machine
– will give Outlook errors – pg. 396

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