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Detailed Description:


is a new, affordable, fun, and
exciting operating system that
delivers the power, stability and
cost-savings of Linux with the ease
of a windows environment. LindowsOS
is easy to experience with its
colorful, friendly interface. With
its simple 10-minute installation,
even computer novices can enjoy this
modern, next-generation operating
system with just a few simple clicks
of their mouse.

And now LindowsCD
allows even Microsoft® Windows users
to experience LindowsOS by trying it
on their current computer without
removing or effecting their existing
Microsoft® Windows system in any
way. Simply run the included FREE
Bonus "LindowsCD."

includes everything you need for
your computer to:

Browse the Web:
You’ll love Tabbed Browsing which
lets you visit multiple web pages in
a single window, and with Group
Bookmarking you can save several web
pages in one bookmark. Popup Ad
Blocking lets you suppress those
annoying pop-up ads when browsing.

Send and
Receive Emails:
email program handles multiple
accounts (POP or IMAP) and address
books. The built-in Smart Junk Mail
Filter learns which emails you don’t
want to receive in the future. View
photos, attachments and web pages
right inside your email. Create and
organize folders to save important

Instant Message
and Chat:
Stay in touch with all
your friends, regardless of which
messaging network they use.
LindowsOSTM supports
AOL’s® AIM®, Yahoo®, MSN®, ICQ®, and
others all at the same time! Enjoy
advanced features such as chat
logging, buddy lists, sound
notifications, and more.

Play Games:
LindowsOS comes with a host of
games, including Battleship, Mines,
Poker, Potato Guy, Tron, Galactic
Invaders, BreakOut II, and Tux
Typing. Add more games at anytime
with just a click of your mouse
using Click-N-Run Technology.

Listen to
Download and listen to
MP3s and other audio files. Rip MP3s
from your existing CDs and then burn
your own custom CDs.

Network PCs and
Connect to Microsoft®
Windows Networks with a few clicks
of your mouse. Share files and
printers between LindowsOS and
Microsoft® Windows machines.

LindowsOS also

Click-N-Run Technology: All
copies of LindowsOS come
pre-installed with Click-N-Run
Technology, which makes it one-click
easy to add new software to your
computer or to upgrade your
operating system and any installed

LindowsOS couldn’t be
easier to install – you’ll be up and
running in under 10 minutes!

Stability of
Because LindowsOS is
based on Linux® you know it’s
stable. Linux has long been known
for its amazing reliability and
crash-proof design.

World’s First
Broadband OS:
LindowsOS was
built for speed. Designed from the
beginning to optimize the future
world of high-speed Internet
connectivity, yet capable of
supporting modem connections today.

Real Value for
your Money:
LindowsOS represents
the most affordable operating system
today. You can easily upgrade
LindowsOS to run hundreds of quality
software applications for one low
price. Check out the back of this

Also Includes
FREE Bonus "LindowsCD":
LindowsOS directly from this CD,
Microsoft® Windows users can
experience LindowsOS by trying it on
their current computer without
removing or effecting their existing
Microsoft®Windows system in any way.


  • PC with 800
    MHz or higher processor*


  • 128 MB of RAM
    or higher*


  • Hard drive*


  • Super VGA (800
    x 600) or higher resolution and
    monitor* (3-D graphics
    accelerator card for some games,
    screen savers, etc.)


  • CD-ROM or DVD
    drive, Keyboard & Mouse


  • LindowsOS-compatible
    sound card and speakers or


  • LindowsOS-compatible
    56 Kbps hardware modem, cable
    modem, or DSL modem*


  • Ethernet card
    for Internet/LAN connectivity*








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