This is the web page for the Multimedia Design I class at IADT,
for the Winter of 2003.

General Information

Instructor: Walter Wimberly
How to make an
AutoRun CD-ROM
Create 3D
effects in Photoshop
Sampling Information

Class Assignments

Week Class Notes Assignments Due
1 Lecture Notes Homework #1
2 Lecture Notes  
3 Lecture Notes Homework #2
4 Lecture Notes Project #1
5 Lecture Notes Midterm
6 Lecture Notes 

Class Tutorial Part 1
Homework #3
7 Lecture Notes Project #2

Homework #4
8 Lecture Notes

Design Principles
9 Lecture Notes

Making an Autorun CD
Project #3
10 Open lab time to work

on final projects
Project #4& #5
11   Final


Copyright ©2001-2003, Walter Wimberly – 
Instructor – IADT

 Learn from other people’s mistakes. You don’t live long enough to make
them all yourself.