homework 05

Class: Homework 05

DOS Homework Chapter 5

Directions: Answer the following questions from. Homework
answers must be typed. For multiple choice questions, list the correct letter
and write out the answer. Consult your book for determining if a question is
multiple choice or not. 
You should be able to type the information
into the text boxes, and immediately print it from the web page.

4. What command removes a sub-directory at the DOS Prompt?

List three (3) conditions at which this command will not work?

10. What is file fragmentation and why is it a problem?

15. What is a computer virus?

Out of book: Go to a anti-virus software manufacture, and search their site:

1. What is the name of the company to whose site you went?

2. What is their site address?

3. What is the name of the anti-virus software they make?

4. List the name of two viruses you found their that their software protects



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