homework 01




Homework 01

Directions: Answer the following questions. Homework answers
must be typed. For multiple choice questions, list the correct letter
and write out the answer. Consult your book for determining if a
question is multiple choice or not. 
You should be able to type
the information into the text boxes, and immediately print it from the
web page.

pg. 14 Exercises 1.2

1. What does an hourglass icon mean?

2. Describe clicking in your own words?

8. What is the purpose of the vertical scroll bar?

pg. 20 Exercises 1.3

2. Explain why ""FOUR STAR HOTEL ***" is not a valid
file/folder name?

4. What is wrong with the filespec "A$:GREATFILMSCITIZEN

Chapter 2

1. The first step in writing a program to execute a task is to:

2. What are the six steps to the program development cycle:

3. What is an algorithm?

4. Name three tools programs use to convert algorithms into computer


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