homework 01




DOS Homework #1

Directions: Answer the following questions. Homework answers
must be typed. For multiple choice questions, list the correct letter
and write out the answer. Consult your book for determining if a
question is multiple choice or not. 
You should be able to type
the information into the text boxes, and immediately print it from the
web page.

NOTE: Do NOT save this page with the answers…for it will not
work.  You must click the button at the bottom of the form to go to
the next page before you can save the questions with the answers.

Pg. EC 33

2. List and describe the four major functions of a computer system.

8. List two major advantages of using a hard disk over a diskette:

12. What is system software and why is it important:

15. What is a network? What is the advantage of using computer
networks in business?


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