homework 01




Homework 01

Directions: Answer the following questions. Homework answers must be
typed. For multiple choice questions, list the correct letter and write out the
answer. You should be able to type the information into the text boxes,
and immediately print it from the web page. If the homework goes to multiple
pages, you will need to staple the pages together so they do not come loose.
Regardless, always make sure you answer all questions in your own words.

This homework is 12 questions long.  It will be scored out of 10
questions.  Be prepared to discuss and questions you might have about this
during class on Monday. 

1) List 5 different types of variables:

2) Variable names can have spaces in them?

True False

3) What is a syntax error?

4) What is a logic error?

5) Proper code to display your name as a literal string:

6) Proper code to display your name stored in two variables called firstName
and lastName:

7) List the 6 expression operators and their English equivalents:

8) Explain the difference between a pre-test and a post-test loop:

9) What are C’s pre-test loop(s)?

10) What are C’s post-test loop(s)?

11) What commands/keywords are used to make decisions?

12) Write a decision statement which will determine if the value variable
currentAge has surpassed the value of variable finalAge:



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