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Learning Lingo – The Basics Chapter 12

Different types of scripts:

  • Movie
  • Cast
  • Sprite
  • Frame

The Message Window (CTRL-M)

The Script Window

Lingo Scripts are not case sensitive

Event – When some thing happens Examples:

  • MouseEnter – Mouse enters within the confines of a sprite
  • MouseDown – Mouse clicks down on a sprite (doesn’t account for
  • MouseUp – Mouse button is released over a sprite which it was
    pressed over
  • FrameExit – When a frame is being left to go to the next frame in
  • time line
  • … There are others …

Using Variables – pg. 211

Two Types: (for now)

  • String
  • Numeric – two sub types
    • Integer (whole numbers)
    • Float (decimal numbers)

Assignment of a value to a variable (= … Equal Sign assigns a value)

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