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Introduction to Multimedia Design I

What is multimedia?

  • Using multiple types of media (audio, movies, images, etc.) to convey a
  • It may or may not be interactive.

Where do you see multimedia?

  • Kiosk
  • CD-ROMs
  • DVDs
  • Web Interaction

Some interface examples: (CDs/DVDs)

What are some good and bad things about the following menus?  What makes
it a good design versus a bad design?

  • Final Fantasy
  • Spies Like Us
  • IADT 
  • IADT – Concept Work
  • Alcorn McBride
  • Fountains

Introduction to Director

Key Terms to know when using Director:

  • Stage
  • Cast Member
  • Sprite
  • Score
  • Control Panel

Different Views 

  • to show/hide to give you more visible space to see
  • Visible desktop space or stage space affected
  • Property Inspector (Window->Inspector) – context sensitive window
  • Sprite Toolbar (View-> Sprite Toolbar) – make sure the score is
    selected before you try to add/remove this feature

Working with Director

  • Moving items to different channels
  • How items are drawn from the channels, what order are they drawn?,
    simulating foreground, versus background, etc
  • Moving items "through time" on the Score
  • Expanding and Contracting the length of time a Sprite is on the Stage
  • Changing the size of the Stage

Importing Images

  • Images can be imported via File -> Import, CTRL-R, or right clicking
    over the cast window, and selecting Import from the pop-up menu
  • Director can import, PSD, BMP, PNG, GIF (including animated), JPEG, and
  • When importing, you can select 32 bit image, or what ever the stage is set
  • Images can have their bit-depth dropped after being imported from within
    the Paint Window
  • The Paint Window is about like MS Paint, OK for simple things, but don’t
    do anything complex with it.

Working with Text Cast Members

  • Can change several text attributes
    • Text itself
    • Font
    • Color
    • Borders
    • Alignment – Left, Right, Center, Justified
    • Kerning – Horizontal spacing
    • Leading – Vertical spacing
  • Can create by selecting a blank cast member panel, and opening the text
  • Can create by selecting the text toolbox item, and typing on the stage
  • Can modify by double clicking on the sprite (which is text)
  • Can modify by double clicking on the (text) cast member
  • Can modify by selecting the cast member, then opening the text window


Copyright ©2001-2003, Walter Wimberly – 
Instructor – IADT

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